Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are using the ground or groundwater as a heat source. Installed NIBE of ground heating pumps, Your consumption of energy for the heating, will reduce more than 75%.

NIBE is producing 15 different types of ground heating pumps, whose power is between 5 kW and 40 kW. Using the control methodology of cascading, it is possible to get a total sum of power up to 360 kW.

With this NIBE system of ground heating pump, You will be available to install passive and active cooling.

Consumption of energy for the heating and hot water could be reduce up to 75% comparing with the heating systems of fossil fuels.

Heat pumps for air/water

These heat pumps are converting external air energy to the heating energy, which creates a comfortable environment in your home. Installed NIBE heat pumps for air/water Your costs of energy for the heating will decrease 50%, comparing with the traditional heating systems.

You should choose NIBE heat pump for air/water, only if you have no access to install ground collector or to drill rigs.

Other NIBE boilers

Liquid fuel and electricity are the most comfortable in order to extract thermal energy, however, those, who like to spend more time at home, should not to reject solid fuel and granular boilers, who gives an opportunity to live economically and warmly.

To choose the most optimal thermal energy source could be not easy. Liquid fuel and electricity are one of the most comfortable to use, however, those who do not see a trouble for the cost of boiler room, solid fuel/granules can also be a great choice.

Using of granules and solid fuel is ecological process and does not polluting the planet.

If you care of economical freedom and you have a choice to choose any type of fuel any moment, NIBE combined boilers would be a great solution. With this boiler, you are save from kind of certain price up, because without an additional investments, you can move on to the different using of fuel and to avoid additional costs.

Water heaters

We are selling the most smaller water heaters, which are used for farmstead, as well we are selling the biggest water heater systems, which are used for schools and hospitals.

NIBE water heaters have a timeless design. They are made according to the highest standards of productions and security. Our water heater isolations are extremely efficient and ecological. CFC materials are not using in the production.

Water capacity is made and manufacturing according to modern pressure vessels standards (PED 97/23 EC § 3.3). This gives for NIBE water heaters to work till maximum 10 bar pressure (1 MPa)

In this product section, you will find water heaters for the small farmsteads, as well for the big commercial objects. NIVE heaters can heat a water in hospital, school and as well in the other big environmental objects.